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Music has always been an integral part of Christian worship. It is weapon powerful enough to drive away, defeat the enemy. At FFC, We always had this burden to reach the youth with Christian gospel music. This being the age of remixes and dance numbers, we often wonder if the youth today really connects with the telugu Christian music which is so cliched and conventional to the core.


God has given us a great opportunity to lead One Way Mission having its base at Pottipadu village in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. This 10 acre mango garden named as One Way Village houses several facilities including children home, homes for widows, a rehabilitation center for the physically challenged, a guest house and a community hall.

friday for christ

FFC is a youth oriented Christian program where we challenge Christian youth in different churches to get ready for God’s service. We believe that a revival must first start among the Christian youth who feel that they have no role in the ministry. At FFC we encourage youth for outreach ministry, and send teams to different villages. Using music as a primary tool to reach youngsters, we also organize youth camps on regularly.

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‘Terminology, Technology’

‘Terminology, Technology': I have seen it all. In my business school, I have seen overhead projectors, PowerPoint presentations, and extensive use of scientific terminology. They were very intellectual yet nearly impractical teachings. For some reason I don’t like Bible being taught in this manner. Even if technology is OK, the corporate like terminology in Bible

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Following rules is freedom, breaking them is bondage. This generation thinks quite opposite.

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Little children:

As a little child all I understood was to believe in Jesus who died for my sins, to love Him, and people, to be good and abstain from bad. As a grown up man today I hear so many intricate theories and complex questions, most of them not crucial to my relationship with God. Now

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Pastor at Tirumala:

What the pastor did at the Hindu place of worship as reported in the television is highly deplorable. He showcased foolishness at the highest level. The motive is clearly un-Christian. Christianity is all about love, and it was completely missing. If he is punished for such act, don’t tell me it is persecution!

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Wisdom or Knowledge?

Most people around the world judge by the knowledge of this world and the voices from their hearts. The number of such people is sadly multiplying every day. Only few can judge with wisdom because wisdom does not come from this world but from God. If we want to see the truth we cannot see

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How inadequate are we!

I am deliberately avoiding to watch TV or read news about those 20 little children that died in school bus accident. My heart goes out to those parents. My three children go to school everyday in a bus, and so does nearly 600 children come to our own school in buses. Without the supernatural cover

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