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Joel Kodali

Joel Kodali lives in a small village called Pottipadu, about 30 km from Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh India. He has a burden to reach the youth with christian gospel music...

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Friday For Christ

FFC is a youth oriented Christian program where we challenge Christian youth in different churches to get ready for God’s service. We believe that a revival must first start among the Christian youth who feel that they have no role in the ministry...

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Rojantha – The Album

Rojantha is a sensational telugu christian devotional album. There are nine songs altogether in this album pepped with some soothing and scintillating music. This for sure is one of its kind, the very first in christian devotionals genre which otherwise is cliched!...

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Lerevaru – The Album

This is a dream come true album for FFC (Friday For Christ) taking off straight from where ROJANTHA left. The incessant appreciation and encouragement we got for Rojantha had literally forced us to produce this very album LEREVARU...

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Our Albums Online

Our albums ROJANTHA and LEREVARU are now available for download online at iTunes, Google Play Store and on eBay

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