About The Album



Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to you all who have been a great inspiration through out my musical journey, starting with ROJANTHA and then LEREVARU. Our God is so gracious that every moment of this adventure, He lead me from the front, and now gave me the privilege of producing the third album LECHINADU.

Christianity is an opportunity to find LIFE. Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us the hope that we shall all live forever with God the creator. To a believer death is no interruption, it is only an occasion to start a new and a glorious life. LECHINADU is all about that life, the life that is beyond death, the life that we spend in eternity with our LOVE. It has been my vision ever since to enrich Telugu Christian Music, take it to a level high up where one can truly appreciate the clarity and quality of it. Having said that, we put in an enormous amount of effort in this album, to reach what we aimed for. Hadlee Xavier, as ever was brilliant in this album and so was the entire team that worked under him. Our aim at the end of it all, is to glorify the name of our Lord the most high, Jesus Christ! I sincerely pray and hope that you will like this album, and that it will help bring many people closer to our saviour. Once again, thank you all for your incredible support and love. Happy Listening! #live #forever