About The Album

Rojantha is a sensational telugu christian devotional album. There are nine songs altogether in this album pepped with some soothing and scintillating music. This for sure is one of its kind, the very first in christian devotionals genre which otherwise is cliched!

We dont intend to sound proud when we say that this music is “Youthful”, neither do we intend to take away any credit from the existing christian music. Our attempt was just to praise God by taking the “Telugu Christian Music” to the next level. This is the age of remixes and dance numbers, and the youth easily connects with this kind of music. Will todays youth “heartfully” sing telugu christian songs?! Do they really connect with the telugu christian music which is so cliched and conventional? “Rojantha” is going to bridge this gap. We have got rock n roll dance numbers, remixes and ofcourse some classicals too. Why should devil have all the fun?!

“Rojantha” is not just another album in the christian vicinity. We sure did take the liberty of pepping up the music, deviating and going out of the box to bring out the “youthfulness”. At the same time we made sure that we balance out, maintain the sanctity and decorum of christian music. So much of effort, pain, sleepless nights have gone into the making of this album.

“Rojantha” is an end result of so many prayers. Its a vision. Its music for the “young @ heart”. All glory and praise to HIM.


My first title suggestion was ‘Rojantha’. However I did not get a good response from my friends. Most of them said it was ok! Then we shifted to ‘Neeve’ as our title. But the very day we are making the title design, my wife found a CD in a Christian shop titled ‘Neeve”‘?? It would have been disastrous. I immediately chaged the title back to ‘Rojantha’. Now I did not dare to debate, I am happy!!

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