Lerevaru – The Album

Welcome to the web page of our brand new album LEREVARU. This is a dream come true album for FFC (Friday For Christ) taking off straight from where ROJANTHA left.

Music has always been an integral part of Christian worship. It is weapon powerful enough to drive away, defeat the enemy. At FFC, We always had this burden to reach the youth with Christian gospel music. This is the age of remixes and dance numbers, and one would end up wondering if the youth today really connect with the telugu Christian music which is so cliched and conventional to the core.

Times have changed and so did the music. There are lot many genres/styles today and the music at times seems to have reached its pinnacle. Gone are the days of CD players and in came the iPods, MP3 players. Where does telugu Christian devotional music stand at this juncture? Does the iPods and MP3 players of today play the telugu devotionals?! Does the youth swing and sway, shake a leg to our telugu Christian music? Why cant our telugu christian devotinals be as entertaining as the world music! Why should the devil have all the good music?!

“Praise him with the tambourine and dancing; praise him with strings and flutes!” (Psalm 150:4 NLT)

This very thought set us on our adventurous journey towards successfully producing our maiden devotional album Rojantha. The incessant appreciation and encouragement we got for Rojantha had literally forced us to produce this very album LEREVARU.

This album is all about Music. It is so contemporary, loaded, entertaining and still reamins to be as powerful as our good old telugu devotionals. We have put in our heart to bring out the best music with no compromise on the quality. We roped in the renowned singers, musicians and recorded all instruments live using the best of studios, the best of engineers for recording, mixing and mastering.

A special mention, a word of praise goes out to our musicians Amal Raj for the Strings and Napier Peter Naveen kumar the bassist. They do stand out and the music rendered by them was just flawless. The musicians and singers were all as excited working for this album as we were, and were all praise that singing devotionals can be this entertaining!

LEREVERU couldnt have turned out to be such a musical sensation if not for Mr. Hadlee Xavier, our Music Director. The music he created was nothing but extra ordinary. He is a rare find with exceptional talent. He is a thorough professional with an eye to detail. We Thank him and wish him the very best.

We sincerely hope and pray that LEREVARU will be as entertaining as ROJANTHA, and may it be a blessing in everyone’s life.