My vision

Our ministry is until now dependent mostly on funds from generous and God loving people abroad. But I believe that we remain unstable as long as we are dependent on foreign funds. Today we have too many people including the orphans, street children, the disabled, the widows etc. who are totally relying on us for their survival. When we hear so much of financial stress even the developed world is facing today, the risk of running an organisation that is entirely dependent on foreign funds seems to be growing big all the time. Therefore it is now my prayer that time has come to make our organisation more self reliant and self sustaining. I strongly believe that God is preparing us for this.

I am praying and searching for means to find support locally through various means including business and other ideas. For this I am praying for partners who are like minded and who could bring in their inputs. This is certainly a challenge, and I believe it is not an easy one. I will be pleased if we could achieve even half of our demands of our ministry by next 15 years. This is my vision.

Having said this, I still believe that our God is able, able to provide all our needs. Our ministry has always been built on God’s mercies and miracles. He has done it so far, and I am sure He will be doing it in future too. After all this is His business. But He has also given us wisdom and I believe He expects that we use it.